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About Us



I’m Walter Poel, CEO and founder of Non-Dom Cyprus, and your host. Originally from the Netherlands, I have been living in Cyprus since 2016.

As a world traveler for holidays and work, in the past I was always looking for a place to live outside of the Netherlands. I looked in Fiji, Tonga, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt and many more places. I came to Cyprus for the first time on a business trip, on a moment the people where I worked with told me about the TAX benefits off Cyprus, wat much better is than in the Nederland’s where we 52% paying I made contact with a good accountant and made the decision to swap everything over from the Netherlands to Cyprus. We completed all the paperwork and processes necessary to make the company in Cyprus, which gave me all the tax benefits that I enjoy today. I am grateful every morning to wake up here on this paradise island and I have not regretted a single day. And the love I have for Cyprus, I pass on today in our services.


My goal is that you, your company, and your family, have the best possible start in Cyprus. With me, you can take the shortcut to Cyprus without experiencing all the processes, which can often be time consuming and expensive. We provide access to a strong existing network of experts and entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to incorporate your company in Cyprus and begin your emigration?

I am already looking forward to getting to know you personally.



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