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Become a Non-Domiciled Tax Resident of Cyprus with our Comprehensive Package

Our package provides assistance with immigration and tax residency for a stress-free pathway to your non-domiciled tax residency in Cyprus

Our non-dom package offers you:

6 nights including

5-star hotel

Accountants &

legal services

Airport service and


4 days of excursions all over the island

(details below)



Breakfast, dinner, lunch, drinks during meals &

coffee breaks

These are some of the places we will take you to see, explore, taste, and feel the culture of the beautiful paradise island of Cyprus, all included in your package:

Image by Mikhail Preobrazhenskiy

Ayia Napa

20190419_190902 (1).jpg


traditional villages cyprus.jpeg

Traditional Villages


Image by Secret Travel Guide

Troodos Mountains

Image by Dorottya Hegedus

Historical Landmarks



Wine glass

Cyprus Wineries

traditional villages cyprus 1.jpeg

& many more!

What else can we help you with?

Thanks to our network and many years of experience, we can help you with everything that is important for your new start in Cyprus:

Advice and guidance on which insurances and applications you need for your life in Cyprus

Find the best hospitals, doctors

and dentists

Find out about the local schools and kindergartens

Find the right tax advisor & lawyer to get the best possible legal and tax support

When you relocate your company to Cyprus, we can save you a lot of effort and bureaucracy thanks to our network

Find your dream


Where to buy or rent a car, road tax, MOT, insurance, a good garage

Find shipping & logistics companies to take care of all your belongings

Use Our Local Knowledge & Network

Take a stress-free pathway to your non-domiciled tax residency in Cyprus

Are You Ready to Start Your Non-Dom Life in Cyprus? Schedule a Free Consultation Now

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What is not included in the package?


PCR tests or any other medical tests or certificates etc. required for travel into/out of Cyprus

Hard alcohol, whiskey, cocktails, champagne, etc.

Wellness, massages, or other additional services in the hotels

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